Coach Leaders: Sue Allen & Fred Griffiths & Ken Zimmerman

Participants: Jeff Brenneman, Rebecca Elliott, Sarah Battistelli

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Our CFF Lesson - Related Rates

Brief Description:
Our lesson extends and refines students learning about related rates. We begin the lesson with a fox new story about shooting down a missile. We then have the students experiment with a pillow and a tennis ball, one traveling east and the other north, to see if they can "shoot down" the pillow with the tennis ball. Afterwards, students will go through the power point tutorial and practice some related rate problems. Then, students will collaboratively determine the rate in which the tennis ball will have to travel to hit the pillow. They will have to determine the rate that the pillow is traveling. They will then have to do calculus to determine the rate in which they would have to throw the tennis, given the rate in which the two objects are coming together. As a summarizer, students will present their calculations to the class, and they will have “one shot” at throwing the tennis ball at their calculated rate to see if they can hit the pillow.