British Literature

Coach Leaders: Debbie Lugar & Gretchen Hall

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Web English Teacher
resources for every aspect of Language Arts

60-second Shakespeare
Creating your own interpretation of Shakespeare in one minute - make a film or audio, take a scene or whole play, keep it classic or make it modern, it's up to you.

Absolute Shakespeare
This excellent website provides information about the bard + study guides and resources for teaching his plays.

Model of the Globe Theater
*Requires Google Earth download

Elizabethan England
the life and times of Queen Elizabeth I

Romeo and Juliet - a fellow English teacher's website
great resources for Romeo and Juliet

lesson plans and teaching resources

more Beowulf
This site provides links to many lessons and teacher resources.

The Canterbury Tales Provides original text of the Canterbury Tales, hyperlinked glossary, and side- by-side translations of most of the tales.

The Canterbury TalesModern English versions of The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury TalesA wonderful site that allows for viewing tales in various versions of English as well as parallel text.

A Tale of Two Cities free audiobook download

Lesson Plans: