This lesson is an introduction to the distributive property without using variables. After viewing a brief video on BrainPop that illustrates the distributive property in a real-life setting, the teacher can then move into a few examples before using "I have...who has?" as a guided practice activity. Following the activity, the teacher can then have students complete a cartoon on ToonDoo that shows that they learned about the distributive property.

Prepared by:
Jeanine Bonner jdbonner@lancaster.k12.pa.us
Ryan Chaffin rchaffin@donegal.k12.pa.us
Nadine Hart nadine_hart@iu13.org
Mary Schreffler mjschreffler@lancaster.k12.pa.us
JoAnne Hangen jchangen@lancaster.k12.pa.us

Lesson Plan
Distributive Property Lesson.dot

Brain Pop
BrainPop you would need a login for this website (additional quiz at the end could be used as a formative assessment)

Total Participation Activity
IHaveWhoHasIntrotoDistributive.ppt you would want to print each slide to handout to the students. You can use the popwerpoint on the board for students who are more visual.

Check for Understanding
Cartoon to Explain Math Concept description of a similar activity
ToonDoo website - use one login for the whole class.
http://www.toondoo.com/cartoon/488198 example of what would be expected from the students